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Most elderly people want to remain living in their homes for as long as possible and with the assistance of the latest technology and equipment this is more and more popular. Equipment can monitor movement or falls within the home and for Dementia sufferers GPS tracking can be activated should the person leave a pre-set boundary area of their home.
But with all this technology a monitoring station still needs to contact someone to advise them of the situation and for someone to respond. It is not always possible for a family member to be available to visit their parent or relative due to work commitments, unsocial hours of activations, or if they are away on holidays.
We offer a service that can meet this need in the early stages of assisting your elderly relative to remain living independently in their own home.


Today’s advanced technology can monitor bed and chair occupancy, mandown \ fall sensors, bogus call button and dementia location tracker to name but a few.
Monitoring Stations who monitor assisted living and the care needs of individuals normally contact family or friends should personal medical alarms be activated. These activations are often during working hours or at weekends when family members or friends may not be available to respond.
Often calls or activations are made for simple reasons that can be resolved by a personal visit to the home. Our Responder can be in direct contact with your monitoring station on arrival, provide non-medical assistance there and then, or should professional medical services be required we are there to allow access and ensure the safety of the homeowner and their home.
This Response and Assistance Service is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.


We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week to offer a person to person response to any call-out request, whether it be from your monitoring station (should you have a medical care alarm), a concerned family member, or the client directly.
Our Responder would call to the home no matter how minor the request might be and provide non-medical assistance. We can liaise with both your monitoring station (if applicable) and your family member and keep them informed.
If there is any need for further assistance from other professionals then we will remain at the home and provide access for those services and ensure that the required help and assistance is provided. We would remain on the location until the situation had been suitably resolved.