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Caring for elderly parents can be a major concern and taking the time for contingency planning with parents can be challenging.
Talking to elderly parents about the possible needs for some changes will not always be easy, but the family who has discussed the options and agreed the best plans will be better able to handle situations that may arise.
We can offer you the first service that you may need for assisting you with aging parents or relatives.
We can be telephoned at any time, by either you or your parent, to request a call out in person to their home to check their welfare or to respond to a personal medical alarm.
We can be issued with keys to the home at commencement of service so in the event of a fall we can gain access. Records of any medical condition or medication can also be taken – so that in the event of the emergency medical services being required this information is instantly available to them.
Family members can be kept updated at all times during a call-out.